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Tree Cutting Services

Bert Weber Tree Service has been cutting and removing trees safely in Citrus County for decades. Let our years of experience put you at ease that we will get the job done right with no fear of damage to your property.

Tree removal can be tricky; don’t trust it to a novice. Bert Weber will personally be on your job making sure it is done right. Whether you need a large tree limb removed that is hanging over your house, or you need an entire tree removed, Bert has the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you money.

If you have a large tree that is close to your home or business, Bert will use a crane to fly the limbs off and away from your property. A bucket lift also allows high tree work to cut tall trees down in sections rather than drop the entire tree on your lawn damaging the grass and or landscaping.

Many people do not understand the benefit of thinning your trees. Cutting away dead limbs and thinning out the branches of certain trees will help prevent falling limbs from landing on your home or office. And in the event of a hurricane, may prevent the entire tree from uprooting and falling on your property, potentially saving your life.

Contact us at 352-697-0673 for a FREE on-site estimate of your next tree cutting project.

01 Tree Cutting with Crane
02 Crane Fly Away Tree Cutting
03 Cutting down tall pines one piece at a time
04 Boom lift to trim high branches off tree
05 Bert Weber Tree Service Equipment
06 Hauling trees away to chipper
07 Feeding trees into the chipper
08 Wood Chipper accepts up to 14 inch limbs or trunk
09 Tree Cutting Service Citrus County
10 Tree Cutting Citrus County
11 Tree Removal in Citrus County
12 Tree Cutting Crane Work
13 Trees Hanging Over Home Before
14 Trees Hanging Over Home After
15 Trees Hanging Over Screen Enclosure Before
16 Trees Hanging Over Screen Enclosure After
17 Large Oak Before
18 Large Oak After